​4 Ways your Firepit Increases your Home Value

4 Ways your Firepit Increases your Home Value

Do you want to add that special something to your backyard? There are several ways that a firepit can increase your home value. From creating an outdoor living space that you can utilize year-round, adding beautiful decor to an empty yard, a fire pit is a perfect addition.

Some questions for you as you consider getting a fire pit:

Do you use your outdoor space? If so, what do you use it for? What does it look like? Is it inviting for the whole family? Is it safe for children to be around? Does it scream "We are social"? Are you going for a more intimate feel? Adding a fire pit to your backyard can achieve whatever goal you have in mind. As you start to plan out your backyard oasis, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will pay off, although it is an investment.

If you choose to build a fire pit area, you may also be considering a patio, pavers, or creating a whole outdoor feel. All these upgrades are going to increase the home value!

1. Helps with Marketability

At the end of the day, it is all about curb appeal. If you have a fire pit, it can show future buyers what they could have at this home. Because a fire pit should be at least 10 feet away from structures and your home, there is most likely a designated area for the fire pit. When you create this outdoor space, it allows buyers to see the potential space they can use as well. Any time that you add additional landscaping to the area, this will also help with the value. Even if you choose to take your fire pit with you, the initial vision stands out in the minds of a home buyer.

2. Allows for a Diverse Outdoor Space

When you talk to any realtor, the first thing they will tell you is that it is ALL about location. When it comes time to find that perfect home, buyers are looking at more than the structure. The same goes for your landscaping and the placement of your fire pit. It also goes for what you choose to do around it and where you place everything. Fire pits are a great focal point to any outdoor space and allow you to diversify. It will enable a center area where people can congregate around. It creates a "warm" environment where buyers can see themselves having social gatherings.

The location is important in your back yard because you get to choose what else you do with that space. A relaxing outdoor oasis may include tall hedges as a distant perimeter. Add a hammock and some speakers, and you are set. If you are a family that enjoys having friends over for a meal, you can consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your space as well. The possibilities are endless when creating this design, and having a fire pit in the right location can help bring everything together.

3. Creating an Updated Living Area

When you moved into the house, what did the backyard look like? How much time and money did you spend on your fire pit area? As you are going through the steps, you create an updated space and an additional living space. If you happen to live in an older home and don't want to spend the time or finances to upgrade certain aspects, this is an option. Updating any area of your home inside or out is a great way to increase home value.

If you and your family tend to spend more time outside, then put your time and efforts into your fire pit area will suit you well. Making significant updates to any part of your home will increase your home value for the next eventual buyers.

4. Beautification

It goes without saying that people love to see cleanliness and beauty when looking for a new home. So, what have you done to the inside or outside of your home to beautify it? Putting in some additional landscaping, an overhang, or a pool are serious remodeling options to make your space more attractive. Adding a fire pit is not only useful and fun to have, but our fire pits are a beautiful focal point to your space as well! If you are looking for something original, unique, and beautiful addition to your outdoor space, check out some of our fire pit options. There are many different styles and designs that you can choose from to match your feel and look of your space.

Have you begun designing your fire pit space yet? Even if you are not planning on moving any time soon, it is always good to find ways to increase our home value. Add a fire pit, and enjoy this gorgeous fall season ahead with friends and family!

Which fire pit will you choose?

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