Designing Low Maintenance Landscaping Around Your Fire Pit

Designing Low Maintenance Landscaping Around Your Fire Pit

If you have added a fire pit to your backyard, you may be spending quite a bit of extra time outside. As fall is approaching, evenings are going to be getting cooler and it makes the perfect weather for a fire. Setting up the fire pit area does not have to be stressful and can fun and inviting! Instead of focusing on expensive additions, consider getting some low maintenance landscaping. Landscaping can be a beautiful and natural way to create a cozy space with lots of additional perks!

Things to consider

When you are choosing what you want to surround your fire pit with, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The fire pit sits low to the ground. This means that when you choose furniture or landscaping to go around it, think of height and distance factors. Although you may want privacy, having a space with good air flow is important. You don't want to have a small area where people do not have a place to go. It is also important to remember wind may be present. Having landscaping too close could cause a major fire hazard if the wind blows any embers out.

This also refers to low hanging trees that may be nearby. If you experience a dry season, keep the fire pit away from falling leaves, twigs or dry grass. The rule of thumb is to keep 7-10 feet of space between the fire pit and any vegetation.

For extra safety, sweep off the perimeter before you light up the fire pit. Take a look around and make sure to remove any of the leaves or twigs you may come across. Check out the weather for wind expectations and have a great night by your fire pit!

Plants that are easy to maintain

If you are ready to start your landscaping, you may not know where to start. Here are some ideas!

Trees: Trees are a great way to bring some beautiful backdrops to your fire pit. The biggest factor is making sure they do not hang above the fire. They can help keep the wind to a minimum by blocking it with their large trunks and can provide a sweet-smelling aroma to the area.

Planters: If you are looking for pops of color, planters could be a great option and are easy to maintain. Make sure that the container they are in is not plastic, wood or flammable. You can change these out each season to provide you with a beautiful color and great smell.

Bushes and other plants: There are a ton of options to choose from when picking out low to the ground plants. If you have a grassy back yard or a more natural look, here are some popular choices:

Princess Lilies: There are a variety of colors you will see with princess lilies. They are bright and beautiful and provide a summery, peach look to your area.

Tropicana Canna: Another bright, orange color that will make this space pop! It is a great addition and will compliment your fire pit area with its colors and vibrant look.

Golden Euonymous: Bring some sunshine into your backyard with these gorgeous yellow clusters!

Night and Day usage: If you tend to use your fire pit only when it is dark out, your choices may differ than morning or day time use. If people are gathering at night, consider using heavy planters that won't move much from people moving around it.

During the day, the fire pit tends to be an ornament to your back yard. This is when you need to consider those pops of color that will create a stunning outdoor area all day long.

Plants that can help keep bugs away

If you live in an area where bugs are a serious problem, don't let it deter you away from using your fire pit. Having a fun outdoor area is a great place to spend time with friends and family. There are several plants that you can bring to your yard that can help you keep bugs away, and look beautiful.

Chrysanthemums: This is one of the popular plants that people have to keep bugs away! Ants, spiders, roaches, ticks, and silverfish are some of the bugs this plant will help keep out of your yard.

Marigolds: Marigolds smell nice and help with mosquitoes! If you are looking for something keep those pesky pests out of your area, this would be a great option.

Mint: Mint helps to repel ants, spiders and mosquitoes! It also smells amazing!

Lavender: Lavender adds such a beautiful scent to your back yard and can help to repel mosquitoes. You may even want to plant a few near your home to get more of that lovely smell in, and outdoors.

Petunias: Petunias are a great and practical way to add color to your yard while making sure beetles and tomato worms stay far away!

Now you are all set to start planting! As you begin to design your backyard landscaping look, consider these tips to creating a beautiful and low maintenance area for your gatherings!