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The Saturn Fire Pit reminds us of its name sake planet Saturn with the spectacular ring feature in the night sky.  The fire pit ring is a convenient resting spot for a beverage or as a foot rest as the embers glow under a full moon. 

Saturn has an OD of 40" and an ID of 28" and stands 14" tall with a ring width of 6"

The Saturn ring can be customized with your family name, quote, poem or prayer.  Customization is an additional $200.00 

Our pieces are created using 1/4" mild carbon steel.  The steel is sandblasted and taken down to bare steel and we then apply our "secret sauce" to help the piece mature and oxidize in a controlled fashion.  When your piece arrives you will notice a dusty, powdery iron oxide patina or, rust.  Upon the first fire the piece will start to mature and darken.  Wood burning pieces mature faster with wood burning being rated at 900 degrees, gas fueled pieces don't mature as quickly as the gas fueled flame is rated at 200 degrees.  With each fire you will notice the change in the patina color.  

warning-6-.jpgWARNING: Combustion byproducts produced when using this product include carbon monoxide and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Do not tarp your fire pit, the tarp will cause the patina to blacken and stop the oxidation process.  In many cases the color of the tarp will transfer to the new steel. During the maturing process keep wet leaves and debris off the piece until the steel matures.  Allow the piece to mature with each fire.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your new Fire Pit Art®. 

The Liquid Propane and Natural Gas burning variants of the Saturn with Lid Fire Pit include a Penta 18" 125K BTU burner.  This burner provides a flame that is great for small to medium sized gatherings.  The package also includes a whistle free flex line, Dante valve, burner plate, and lava rock. We hope your Fire Pit Art® provides many wonderful memories for your family and friends.

Match Lit System: We utilize the very best technology and components for gas fuel conversions at Fire Pit Art®. This is why we now use the patented Stainless Steel Penta burner designed by HPC. Their burner provides a uniform & full campfire effect for your fire pit and works well with the lava rock that is included. HPC also includes a lifetime warranty with your burner for added peace of mind.
AWEIS System: All Weather Electronic Ignition System includes 24 volt AC Transformer, Fire Module, Heat Shield and Install Instructions. For those who wish the ease and sophistication available with electronic ignition we add state of the art AWEIS electronic ignition manufactured at Fire by Design®. These All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems are by far the safest, most durable electronic ignition systems on the market with flame sensing technology and wind proof design.


175.00 LBS
Saturn w/lid - Customized


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Saturn with customized lid
Written by Ken on Jul 12th 2023

I sat on a decision to make this purchase for nearly 2 years. These fire pits are not inexpensive, but you for sure get what you pay for. I determined I would have to replace a Home Center fire pit every couple of years and the fire pit one will be fought over by my kids as inheritance! The fire pit is the sturdiness piece one can imagine and looks incredible. So happy with my decision. 5 stars!

Saturn w/lid - Customized
Written by Robert B Needham on Jan 28th 2021

All I can say is WOW! What a fine piece of craftsmanship! It was a delight working with Fire Pit Art to customize our fire pit. Their number one focus during the design was to exceed my expectations and they did just that. Constant and swift communication ensured that my fire pit was precisely what I wanted and delivered in a timely manner. The follow through during the design and delivery shows me that they are a company that stands behind their product and is proud of their work. Our family now has a quality fire pit that will last us for years. It truly brings joy to my children each time they see "their words" forever engraved into the ring of our new patio center peice .

Written by THM RaleighNC on Aug 20th 2020

Eric took amazing care to answer ALL of my questions & keep me informed of the progress from order to delivery. The artisans worked to create a personalization around the Saturn "ring" that is special to our family--even using foreign type characters. I am so thrilled I chose FirePitArt!

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