The Rings Of Warmth: Saturn Fire Pit

Jun 17th 2020

The Rings Of Warmth: Saturn Fire Pit

The Rings Of Warmth: Saturn Fire Pit

The sixth planet from the sun, Saturn, has a radius nine times that of the Earth. This gas giant is the second-largest planet in our solar system. Saturn's famous icy rings inspired its nickname "The Ringed Planet." These rings comprise of ice and tiny particles of dust, debris. The rings of Saturn are visible from telescopes on Earth. Ice reflects light, such as that from the sun. Thus, the sun lights up the icy rings for universe explorers to observe from our home planet. In our Saturn fire pit design, we sculpt the sphere and rings to emulate this great planet.

The interior temperature of Saturn reaches 21,000 degrees Fahrenheit! Your Saturn fire pit won't reach those entirely extreme temperatures. However, it will bring warmth and awe to those who gather!

Hand-Crafted Durability

The Saturn fire pit measures 14 inches high and 41 inches in diameter. This measurement includes the dimension of the entire fire pit, including the rings. The fire pit bowl itself measures a diameter of 28 inches. The 6-inch ring around the fire pit is also a carbon steel creation. The fire pit weighs a total of 135 pounds, and this solid masterpiece will last for generations. The Saturn fire pit has a matching lid accessory available, discussed later in this blog. The lid adds a separate 40lbs. The entire piece weighs in at a whopping 175 pounds. This reliable steel creation stands strong and durable.

All Fire Pit Art® unique hand-crafted designs comprise of durable carbon steel. The 1/4" thick mild carbon steel undergoes sandblasting to reveal pure steel. Our "secret sauce" is then applied to allow the piece to mature and oxidize in a controlled, timely fashion. The Iron Oxide Patina will darken over time, with every burn. This maturation takes a long time with gas burning pits than wood-burning pits.

Personalize And Accessorize

Customized Inscriptions

Want to make the Saturn fire pit your own? Inquire about our customization Saturn ring! While the ring makes a beautiful beverage holder or footrest by the flames, enjoy it and make it your own! Choose your family names, poems, scripture, or favorite quote. Our craftsman and owner, Rick Wittrig, will carve your custom piece to life!

Our personalized text

Not sure what you want to carve into your rings? Fire Pit Art® has you covered! Rick and Donna Wittrig have carved one of their favorite fire pit quotes into the rings of Saturn. Our personalized Saturn Fire Pit ring reads:

“Welcome To Our Fire Pit, Where Friends and Marshmallows Get Toasted.”


Protect the inner bowl of your fire pit, and keep the sleek, cohesive style with our custom-fit lid. The steel tabletop lid transforms your fire pit into a working table when a fire is not present. Simultaneously, your fire pit maintains the cleanliness you desire.

Spark guards

Our Fire Pit Art® spark guards are custom built to fit our unique fire pit designs. The Artisan 27.5" spark guard available in our catalog is hand-made in our shop and fits the Saturn fire pit only. The 30-pound heavy stainless-steel mesh guard features four handles for easy lifting. The black heat resistant paint allows the guard to stay on the flame during the entire burn.

Fuel Options

Fire Pit Art® Saturn fire pit has various fuel type capabilities. You can choose from wood burning, natural gas, or liquid propane. Natural gas and liquid propane come in two options. These two options include the Match-lit system or All-Weather Electric Ignition System. Both systems come with complete packages to fir your needs.

Match-lit System

When choosing this system, you receive a Saturn match-lit fire pit and lid weighing 175 pounds. Included in the system is 120K BTU brass burner, flex line kit, and 24-inch burner plate. In addition to the system, your complete package consists of 60 pounds of lava rocks! Lava rock is a solid choice for match-lit system upkeep. The insulating characteristics protect the burner from overheating. This protection allows the burner to perform at its highest quality for a more extended period of time.

All-Weather Electric Ignition System

The All-Weather Electric Ignition System is the safest electric system on the market. This AWEIS system features the highest quality durability in today's market. We choose to offer this system that replicates our high durability fire pit design. We want your fire pit and ignition system to have the longest life possible together.

The AWEIS system has a windproof design, so your flames will withstand even the harshest days. You never have to cancel a late-night fire due to wind again. This flame sensing technology ignites with ease and is durable in any weather—no need to disassemble and bring in for the rain or snow seasons.

The All-Weather Electric Ignition System includes the 24-volt AC transformer. The system also consists of the heat shield, fire module, and full instruction manual. This system works with natural gas or liquid propane, as described earlier.

Should you have any questions regarding this product, please feel free to contact us for info!

Fire Pit Art®

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