The Cost of Fire Pits and Why It Matters

While perusing the multitude of hand-crafted Fire Pit Art® fire pits, you may be wondering why you shouldn’t go and purchase one for $99 instead. While these fire pits are an option that some people choose, the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” comes into play. As cliché as it may sound, this timeless proverb proves accurate time and time again.


When you purchase a cheap fire pit from the local hardware or department store, the materials used to manufacture these fire pits reflect the price you’re paying. Cheap materials create cheap products. And cheap products perform poorly.

Many big box stores use imported fire pits as a cheap “move along” product. These fire pits tend to be manufactured by outsourced overseas companies, where the regulations are much more lenient than those here in the United States. Creating fire pits from unregulated or less durable materials creates longevity and health issues for the consumer. Fire pits made from these cheaper imported materials are more susceptible to rusting through with each fire, with a life-span of a few summers, rather than the life-time warranty we at Fire Pit Art® guarantee.

Fire Pit Art® products have the highest durability of any on the market today.

Fire Pit Art® fire pits are hand-crafted from heavy-duty ¼ inch thick mild carbon steel with an iron oxide patina finish. Our stainless steel fire pits come from two hundred forty pounds of thick ¼ inch American made 304 stainless steel. Fire Pit Art® fire pits are maintenance-free and created for longevity, and are corrosion, and rust resistance. These characteristics are not a guarantee of the $99 department store fire pits.

When inexpensive imported products are the primary materials in fire pits, health risks such as from toxic chemical smoke are a concern. The chemicals that other countries can use tend to be under U.S bans in manufacturing. The risk of exposure to these toxic chemicals is not marked on any packaging, leaving the consumer unaware of this potential risk. When purchasing an American Crafted Fire Pit Art® fire pit, you are not only protecting your health but also helping grow the U.S economy.

Premium constructed fire pits radiate more heat than cheaply made fire pits. To no surprise, the materials that are listed above perform at a premium level. Meaning the heat radiation that reflects off our high-quality stainless steel and carbon steel gives you the hottest fire possible. With more exceptional warmth and no maintenance, Fire Pit Art® believes you will fall in love with our superior designs!

Investment vs. Fly-By Decision

When considering which fire pit to purchase, remember that fire pits are an investment. While at first it may seem financially sound to buy the cheapest fire pit on the market, consider the added costs as it degrades quickly over time. With a short life-span, inexpensive fire pits are not rust-proof, weather-safe, or a quality choice for a family investment.

At Fire Pit Art®, we understand the ideal investment of a fire pit. We operate under the belief that the fire pit is a gathering place. Our unique and custom designs are hand-crafted by Rick Wittrig, with care and precision. The materials used on our fire pits last a lifetime. Our hope is this investment will provide a fire pit heirloom that brings peace and a gathering place for generations to come.

Browse our extensive selections of stainless steel, carbon steel, and linear fire pits. Or contact us to help you create your dream customized fire pit for you and your family to enjoy! Always designed with the best materials, Fire Pit Art® is here for you!