The Ageless Beauty of a Natural Patina Steel Fire Pit

If you're looking to add a fire pit to your backyard, you want one that will last and stay functional and attractive without succumbing to the elements. Copper fire pits provide excellent performance, but the metal is softer and not as resistant as other options. For the "Rolls Royce" of fire pits, more people are going with the most durable model: a natural patina steel fire pit that can last decades or more.

Steel is one of the most resistant metals around, an alloy formed from iron and given an attractive black patina sheen to make it more resistant to heat and the elements. We're Fire Pit Art®, a custom fire pit company based in Lebanon, Tennessee, and we're looking forward to taking your patina steel fire pit from conception to completion. Read on to discover all about how a steel-based fire pit created and designed by Fire Pit Art® can transform your backyard.

The Ageless Beauty of a Natural Patina Steel Fire Pit

Why a Steel-Based Fire Pit?

Steel is one of the most versatile metals out there, and it can be used for any style of fire pit. Steel pits are available in portable and wheeled models, including fire bowls perfect for a small backyard gathering, and provide far greater durability than the average portable pit. While most in-ground fire pits are based on stone, tile, or brick, steel-based fire pits are by far the most common because of their durability.

The easy-to-mold metal makes for ideal embellished or clean-lined pits that can be stained or finished for a variety of looks. Copper, brass, and burnished brass are common finishing choices, but a black patina is the most popular choice because it stays looking clean better than any other option and the powder coating resists rust.

Stainless steel-based fire pits are also available and gaining in popularity due to their modern sleek attractive finish. Stainless steel is considerably heavier than regular carbon steel however, they're rust-free and weather-resistant. Despite the name, stainless steel does require periodic cleaning to maintain their finish. They are the most expensive option among fire pits, but with proper care, most steel pits can last decades.

What Are Steel-Based Pits Used For?

Steel-based fire pits make a perfect centerpiece for your backyard, an eye-catching flame that will get all your party guests talking. If you want a more interactive use, many people enjoy cooking over an open flame and most fire pits come with a cooking grate. Beyond the popular firepit cooking choices of classic hot dogs, smores and even popcorn, the cooking options available nearly endless. If you expect to use your fire pit for cooking, we recommend a wood-burning pit rather than natural gas or propane-based because of the hotter flame.

Large above-ground steel-based fire pits also make a great table for outdoor dinner parties and can double as the cooking place if you're serving cook-your-own food. A custom fire pit designed to have a unique style also serves as an artistic talking point for your backyard.

How Do I Get a Steel-Based Fire Pit?

Steel-based fire pits are available at major hardware stores if you want a small, portable option to assemble yourself. However, most all of these are imported and made of low quality steel. Some may last as little as one season. If you want a larger built to last fire pit, we recommend you go through a specialist. Fire pit experts design custom fire pits that can be tailored to the dimensions of the backyard business or other fire pit gathering place.

When you work with a fire pit expert, you have a partner taking your pit from design to completion. No more dealing with a secondary contractor to assemble your pit--there's clear communication all the way through.

A Natural Patina Steel Fire Pit: Your Ticket to the Great Outdoors in Your Backyard

A patina-steel based fire pit won't just transform your backyard into a nostalgic getaway, it'll deliver performance and beauty for decades to come. Contact Fire Pit Art® today for a look at our offerings or to set up a consultation.