Should I Use A Spark Guard on My Fire Pit?

Spark Guards have one main safety benefit in mind: To protect people or surfaces from loose sparks or embers and confine them to your fire pit for optimal safety. With that being said, the short answer to the question i; “should I use a spark guard on my fire pit?” is yes. It is best to always use a spark guard with your fire pit. While fire pits are an enjoyable and relaxing experience, safety should always be a top concern. Flying embers can burn people near the fire, as well as ignite flammable items nearby.

Flying sparks and embers can be a nuisance and danger around the fire pit. Loose sparks can easily ignite combustible surfaces or land on an unsuspecting guest. The typical area of needed safeguarding is within a 7-foot radius of the firepit, and spark guards are the easiest and effective solution to this common fire pit safety concern. Confining loose ash, sparks or embers to your fire pit keeps the safety level higher, giving you the ability to start a large fire, then sit back and relax with loved ones.

A spark guard may be optional during the normal operation of your firepit while it is continually being tended to however, it is a significant safety benefit when you retire your fire pit for the evening.

Unlike the typical spark guard, the Fire Pit Art® spark guards were created not only for confining loose sparks and embers during a fire, but primarily to help ease your mind when walking away from your fire in the evening. The Fire Pit Art® spark guards are heavy weighted (up to 35Lbs), hand crafted spark guards. The one true spark guard that will not blow away or topple off a fire pit easily. The heavy durability of these spark guards provides peace of mind when leaving a few dying embers covered knowing the embers will not have the freedom to fly and start an accidental fire nearby. Once the fire and spark guard has completely cooled, simply use the handles to life the guard up, and scoop your ashes out of your fire pit.

With high quality and durability in mind, Fire Pit Art® sells handcrafted spark guards made of 2-inch wide 304 stainless steel bands, and heavy stainless-steel mesh, painted with black high temperature paint to ensure longevity that matches your Fire Pit Art® fire pit. Made with the same durable material as our steel fire pits, our Fire Pit Art® spark guards are custom designed by hand to fit our Fire Pit Art® fire pits perfectly. Weighing around 35 pounds, our spark guards also have sturdy handles forged onto the guard for assisting with removal after the fire has cooled.

The Artisan Spark Guard is available in various sizes that are custom fits to our Fire Pit Art® designs. When exploring the Artisan spark guards on our website, be sure to note which size you will need for your Fire Pit Art® design. Below is a table you can use as an easy reference.

Artisan Spark Guard Size Fire Pit Art® Design
Artisan Spark Guard - 27.5” Saturn
Artisan Spark Guard - 34.5” (Horizontal Handles) Asia 36”, Emperor, Manta Ray, Namaste
Artisan Spark Guard - 34.5” (Vertical Handles) Magnum
Artisan Spark Guard - 36” Antlers, Bella Luna, Crater, Funky Dog, Fleur de

Lis, Low Boy 36”, Kokopelli, Navigator, Sea Creatures, Flat Top 36” Bowls

Artisan Spark Guard - 40” Nepal
Artisan Spark Guard - 44.5” Bella Vita 46”, Asia 48”

For the industries highest quality and artistic designs, check out the accessories page on our website for custom spark guards and more.