​Reasons to Buy a Stainless Fire Pit

Reasons to Buy a Stainless Fire Pit

Have you been thinking about buying a fire pit but are not sure of what kind to get? There are a ton of fire pits on the market but deciding which one to get is a big decision. There are a ton of reasons why a stainless fire pit could be a good choice for your outdoor space. Stainless fire pits add a beautiful touch to any outdoor entertainment area. Unlike other materials, they appear very sleek and give off a classy vibe. We also offer different shaped stainless fire pits so you can decide which matches your space best.

Do you live up north or in any place where snow and rain are abundant? In that case, you may have to deal with rust. Did you know that one of the main reasons people steer towards getting a stainless fire pit is because they are rust-resistant? That means you don’t have to worry about rain, storms, snow, or other moisture causing rust on your fire pit. Rust on a fire pit is an eyesore, but it could also cause it to not work as well and may break together. With our stainless fire pits, you are looking at a durable and rust-resistant pit that has an amazing outdoor lifespan!

The Facts About Stainless Fire Pits

What else is there to know about stainless fire pits? They are usually lighter weight than other fire pits. Iron and other heavy metals may look nice in your space, but they may lack durability and the lighter-weight factor of a steel fire pit. These fire pits are also known for being low maintenance. They require very little set up, and you only have to clean them once in a while! They will be a perfect addition to your yard or backyard space the whole year long!

Examples of Our Stainless Fire Pits

This is the Bella Vita 58.5

This gorgeous stainless-steel pit is 46 inches in diameter and is 14 inches tall. This is not an exaggeration when you see how much wood this thing can hold! It is a perfect fire pit for a long night of entertaining or a little gathering with your family and friends. This beautiful sculpture is 240 lbs. and made from 304 stainless steel. This makes it very resistant to rust and corrosion. You have to worry about storing them, additional accessories, and taking up room in the garage with other fire pits. But with this one, you can leave it outdoors all year round! Regardless of the conditions, you can keep it in your yard and use it whenever you would like. There is even a rain drain in the basin, so it collects the water and does not get stuck on top of your fire pit.

And did we mention that there is a 100-year guarantee on materials? You will not have to worry about anything with your fire pit once you buy it! It also makes for an amazing gift for your friends and family.


Introducing: The Fire Surfer


This stainless-steel fire pit has the same perks as the last one, with a very different look! As you can see, this has a beautifully curvy frame with waves in the steel. This has eleven-gauge steel, which makes it more portable. If you are looking for a fire pit that you can take with you to the beach or the campgrounds, you have found it! It still has the low maintenance aspect to it and is easy to place in your truck to bring to your favorite destinations.

This specific fire pit has liquid propane and natural gas burning components. It also uses a Penta 24’’ 200K BTU burner. When you buy this fire pit, you get a package that also includes a burner plate, lava rock, and more!

Some Safety Precautions

When you are dealing with any fire pit, you have to make sure you are putting all safety measures into consideration! Stainless steel gets hot! If you plan to use this around small children, pets, or any large crowds, be sure to put it in a spacious area. People will not want to get too close or touch the frame while there is a fire in it. Even after the fire is out, the steel will still be very hot, so it is important to let anyone around it know to keep their distance. The good part is that it is resistant to heat damage and will not warp with extreme temperatures.

If you are thinking about getting a fire pit this season, you should definitely consider going with stainless steel. The lack of upkeep and maintenance alone is worth going this route! Stainless fire pits can help elevate your space by adding a touch of uniqueness and elegance that you have been searching for!