How To Prep Your Backyard for Spring

Posted by Fire Pit Art on Apr 5th 2021

How To Prep Your Backyard for Spring

How To Prep Your Back Yard for Spring

As spring arrives and the weather gets warmer, you probably will want to spend more time outside. If you live somewhere where it snows throughout winter, preparation may be required before you can fully enjoy your yard. If you are in a warm climate, spring is the perfect time to do some “spring cleaning” in your yard. In this post, we will discuss ways you can prepare your backyard for the spring.

Uncover Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve had any furniture covered outside during the winter months, now is the time to uncover it. Take those covers off, make sure they are clean, and get ready to enjoy. This is also a great time to paint or reupholster any furniture or cushions that need a touch-up. If you have outdoor furniture stored inside, this is your chance to take it outside and use it.

Cut and Prep Wood

If you have a fire pit outside that uses wood, spring is the best time to gather and chop wood to burn in the fall. Wood takes time to dry out, and it needs to be very dry for burning. If you chopped wood prior to winter, make sure it is not too damp for spring use.

Buy and Plant Flowers and Foliage

Many types of flowers and plants cannot survive the harsh winter months. When spring comes along, you once again have an opportunity to plant and enjoy some beautiful foliage. It may be worth looking into plants that do well in colder weather. If you don’t live somewhere too cold, this is still a wonderful opportunity to plant some new flowers. Spring weather tends to be very nice regardless of where you live. Making your yard beautiful is the first step to enjoying it.

Trim Overgrown Trees and Bushes

If you have any plants or trees in your back yard, they may need a trim in the spring. Trimming them will promote new growth and help make your yard beautiful. You will then want to clean up and leaves or branches left in your yard from trimming.

Clean and Fertilize Your Lawn

You may have some debris, leaves, and twigs in your yard after winter. You can use an air blower or rake to clean this up. After cleaning, it is a great idea to fertilize your lawn. It encourages the growth of new, green after winter. If you have a garden, fertilizing it and removing any weeds will benefit it greatly as well.

Clean Your Patio and House

After winter, your patio and the outside of your house may be a bit dirty. Pressure washing is a great way to freshen these areas up for spring. You may also want to re-paint or re-stain your patio or deck. You should also wash your windows and make sure there are no leaks around them.

Check Your Fire Pit

If you reside in a cold climate, it is best to cover your fire pit during the winter months. Your fire pit still may get wet or dirty during the winter months. The ideal time to check for any gas leaks and prepare your fire pit is spring. In spring, you can uncover it and clean out any remaining ash, debris, or leaves. It is also possible that rodents found a way into your fire pit. Take a look for any signs of them as you clean the fire pit.


Once you’ve prepared your yard for spring, it’s time to enjoy it. Family and friends will be happy to come and hang out in your beautiful backyard. Get the fire pit going, cook some food, and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. You deserve it after all the work you put into prep your backyard for spring!