Outdoor Fireplace vs. Fire Pits

Jan 20th 2020

Outdoor Fireplace vs. Fire Pits

Regardless of where you live or what your company specializes in, having an outdoor area to entertain guests is a luxury that many homeowners and business owners desire. Outdoor kitchens, hot tubs or pools, are all exciting outdoor features. However, what brings the community together is the warmth of fire. The debate between outdoor fireplaces and fire pits has been around for years. Which is the better choice and why?

Providing Warmth For Your Guests

Outdoor fireplaces can entertain four to six people at a time. With the hearth releasing enough heat to reach a small radius, not many guests can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace simultaneously. Unlike fire pits, fireplaces generally require outdoor furniture to enjoy the ambiance fully. Firepits, release heat in full circle, reaching multiple directions, and those walking around yards away can still feel the warmth of the flames.

Structure Size

The massive structure of a fireplace can be seen as a pro or con, depending on the desire for your outdoor area. Should you be attempting to hide an undesirable view, or use as a blockade from other outdoor spaces, a fireplace can easily do the trick. While most fireplaces are low to the ground, Fire Pit Art® fire pits are customizable and can be built to fit almost any design feature you imagine.

Cost Differences

Fire Pit Art® lifetime durable fire pits are hand-crafted with unique designs and built with materials that can last even the harshest weather conditions. Fire Pit Art® fire pits range from $800 to $5,000, and we ensure you are paying for the highest quality product on the market. For outdoor fireplaces, construction to withstand harsh weather conditions will require a professional, which is an added cost to you in most scenarios. Fireplaces are a construction project that may take some time depending on the builder and typically cost between $4,000 to $24,000.

Coding Regulations and Permits

Fireplaces require special permits and inspections. Building codes mandate that chimneys on an outdoor or indoor fireplace must exceed the height of any adjacent structures, such as a house, by two feet. To properly construct an outdoor fireplace, you will need to calculate the proper dimensions of the chimney and flue to ensure the smoke vents upward and cannot downdraft out of the fireplace hearth. Outdoor fireplaces are standing structures which typically require a building permit to be obtained to begin construction. If you choose to build a fireplace without a chimney, a gas fireplace can also be used outdoors. The regulations for gas fireplaces require the gas lines to be trenched and piped from the fireplace to the household connection point. This requirement will add extra time, money, and labor to your project. Unlike fireplaces, firepits do not fall under coding regulations. With fire pits, you can freely burn the fuel of your choice, natural gas, propane gas, wood, lava rock, or fire glass. As an outdoor accessory, a permit is not required for our Fire Pit Art® fire pits, and the labor is completed for you by our owner and craftsman, Rick Wittrig.

Fire Pit Art® fire pits will save you the hassle of structural permits and coding regulations, labor, and even cost! With the ease of this savings, you won’t sacrifice an ounce of quality with our 10-year

warranty and lifetime durability. Entertain all your guests for special backyard occasions or business events. Your Fire Pit Art® piece is sure to wow everyone on the guest list! Browse our many collections for your mild carbon steel, stainless steel, or linear fire pit design today!