Meet Rick Wittrig: Qualities of the Best Artist in the Fire Pit Industry

Posted by Fire Pit Art ® on May 30th 2019

Meet Rick Wittrig: Qualities of the Best Artist in the Fire Pit Industry

It takes a unique combination of craftsmanship, skill, and business sense to create the best fire pits available on the market. The conception of Fire Pit Art ® happened when Rick Wittrig bought a fire pit for his family at a big box store and watched as the unit disintegrated and caught the yard on fire. Convinced that he could make a better product, Wittrig began building luxury fire pits using a combination of talents that he had acquired over a long career. But it takes more than a great product to have a well-respected business and here are some reasons why Rick Wittrig is one of the best-known artisans in the industry.

The Luxury Fire Pit Business

Rick Wittrig's fire pits have been featured at the Olympics and on ESPN. His practical artwork has been seen at Marriot, Lamborghini, Burning Man and more. Each of Rick's fire pits is tagged and numbered by the artist, making his work an heirloom piece that can be handed down for generations. The pits are made from a quarter inch thick carbon steel which ensures they will be both durable and long lasting, and the designs are absolutely gorgeous. But as good as Rick's product is, his success is a result of many factors.

Here are some of Rick's qualities which have allowed him to become the most well-known luxury fire pit artist in the business:

  • Commitment to family
  • Joy in craftsmanship
  • Sound business practices

Commitment to Family

Fire Pit Art ® was born out of a simple desire Rick had to spend quality time with his family. We live in an era of constant distractions where cell phones and other screens compete for the exclusive attention of everyone around you. A fire pit is a simple centerpiece for a gathering of friends and family. A fire has the power to separate people from their distractions as the dancing flames are both enticing and captivating. But a fire is also gentle, and it allows you to engage with your loved ones on a level that is hard to match in other aspects of our society.

Joy in Craftsmanship

Rick learned how to weld in high school and had picked up blacksmithing and other talents throughout his career. It was almost as if the natural course of his professional development prepared him irrevocably for becoming a Fire Pit artist. Rick enjoys crafting metal and creating beautiful fire pits that he knows will bring families and friends together throughout the world.

A World Class Team

Over time Fire Pit Art ® has attracted individuals with amazing talent, skills and character. Rick Wittrig has personally trained and led his growing team for years. He’s proud to call them the Fire Pit Art ® family and states “we have such a great team of people here, every one of them contributes to our success”. The work culture Rick has fostered within Fire Pit Art® encourages ideas, creativity and a sense of pride. Many different hands touch each fire pit sculpture from design to shipping, it’s the Fire Pit Art® team that helps support the defining difference in their products.

Sound Business Practices

It is great to have a tremendous product, but Rick's business has grown because of his moral compass and his good business sense. It's not an accident that Rick's work has appeared on the world stage at places such as the Vancouver Olympics. With a strong foundation in the US and Canada, Rick's luxury fire pit sculptures give the international market one more reason to do business with our corner of the globe.

Heirloom Luxury Fire Pits

Life is short, and it's a tragedy to allow inanimate digital screens to absorb all the time we could otherwise be spending together. Ever since 2007, Rick Wittrig has been creating beautiful, practical and durable pieces of functional art. These luxury fire pits look great on their own and come to life when they host a raging fire at their center.

Using a combination of skill acquired over a lifetime, sound business practices, and a complete dedication to quality time spent with the family, Rick has made it his life mission to enable friends and families to enjoy a luxury evening together around the captivating heat and warmth of a crackling fire. Check out the standard designs or contact Rick for a custom quote. You and your family deserve to begin making memories around a fire pit you'll treasure for generations.