Linear Fire Pits: The Modern Design

Want to join in on the hottest new look in modern fire pits? Linear is the new contemporary design choice for the preferred aesthetic. With a sleek rectangular design, clean lines, and the open flame, linear is becoming the top choice of modern and minimalist styles alike. The linear fire design has a strong appeal and welcomes open flames and conversation.

While most people tend to use coals with the burners of a linear fire pit, fire glass and fire rock can be a modernized twist to this traditional choice. Fire glass comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors and is easily a choice that fits most aesthetics. Another be3nefit of adding fire glass to your linear fire pit is the radiating heat it provides. Our carbon steel fire pits are built to radiate the heat of a flame and increase the warmth you feel. When adding fire glass to a Fire Pit Art® fire pit creates an even warmer glow. Double the heat and double the style!

Fire Pit Art® features linear fire pits with more significant benefits than others on the market. Here’s why:

Durable Materials

Handcrafted of three sixteenth thick carbon steel, the Linear fire pit design from Fire Pit Art® brings durability and integrity to your purchase. Featuring steel level casters to ensure a solid footing, and custom tabletop addition to protect the gas burners, our package comes with advantages for all. As with our other Fire Pit Art® fire pits, the linear design is finished with an iron oxide patina. Initially, a rusty orange color, throughout the first fire, the color of your fire pit will mature and darken into mahogany, where it will soon become the new permanent coloring.

Custom Fit Table Top

Our custom-fit table top covers your flame opening and features the same durable carbon steel as the linear fire pit as well as turning your fire pit into a table for entertaining and keeping the open flame area safe when not in use. This steel cover is hand-made, built to protect the gas burners and coupling in the life-time warranty.

BTU Burner Options

The solid brass burners give twice the flame as other commercial fire pits, using only half the gas as the other competitors. Ranging from 110k to 250k BTU, increasing per size of the fire pit, choosing the size and strength of your fire pit is entirely up to your design choice. The valve is all brass keyed, with gas flex lines constructing of lava rock and stainless steel. Fire Pit Art® fire pits are built to last and impress all.

Choosing a fire pit can be a time-consuming task. Take heart knowing that at Fire Pit Art®, each piece is hand-crafted with materials of integrity and created in the belief that your fire piece will become a passed down asset for generations. We take pride in this belief and offer a life-time warranty on our linear designed fire pits! Let us see how we can help build your dream fire pit!