How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Outdoor Space

How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Outdoor Space

During the summertime is the prime time for bugs to be roaming around your outdoor space. It can be mosquitoes or “no-see-ums” that will disturb the peace that you deserve. These tips can also keep away gnats, bees, or flies. There are 176 species of mosquitoes in the United States. Some are more active during the day while others are more active at night. Mosquitoes are most commonly out at night because sun exposure can dehydrate and kill them. The species seek out cool, shaded, and wet areas until dusk returns. Depending on where you are in the United States, you can have different mosquito seasons. For instance, in Texas, their mosquito season can start as early as February because of the hot climate. While in South Florida, there is a warm, moist climate, mosquitoes tend to thrive all year.

Fire Pit

One of the simplest ways to get rid of these bugs is by lighting a fire! Insects do not like smoke and will avoid any area with it. If the wood has more moisture to it, this will decrease the number of bugs in the area. Most say that using dry wood is better because it burns easier. When it comes to getting rid of bugs, the more smoke the better so having slightly moist wood will help. Fire pits are also a summertime staple to spend time outside with family and friends!

Some other ways to use a fire pit to get rid of mosquitoes is by burning eucalyptus, sage, or rosemary. The active natural ingredient eucalyptol, which is in the eucalyptus tree bark, is commonly used as an insect repellent. When using rosemary or sage, we recommend you get a couple of bundles from the supermarket. Using these products can produce more smoke and produce a smell to detract the mosquitoes.


There are specific plants that will deter bugs from being in your space. One of the best ways to keep them away is by planting garlic. Place some cloves in pots around your patio space. The natural chemicals from the garlic keep the bugs away! Some other plants that help with insect repellent are tea tree, lavender, lemon balm, basil, and rosemary. This will help keep your outdoor space bug free and will add some beautiful plants as well.

Remove Standing Water

Standing water is a breeding ground for insects, especially mosquitoes. Some examples would be birdbaths, cups, gardening tools, buckets, or swimming pool covers. These sources of standing water are the perfect place for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. By eliminating the sources of water, you are making sure that mosquitoes do not have a home to create more mosquitoes. This also goes for other bugs as well.

Add a Fan

Overhead, oscillating, or stand-alone fans can create more airflow thus blowing the bugs away. This can be a cheap solution from a local hardware store. Adding a fan can also cool you down on a warm summer night.

Citronella Candles

If it is not a night to have a full fire pit outside, you can light a citronella candle. Citronella comes from the leaves and stems of lemongrass. It is a natural way to get mosquitoes away and have a nice scent in your outdoor space.

Don’t Add Too Much Mulch

Adding Mulch to your home is great for curb appeal and for the overall aesthetic of the space. It can be bad to have too much mulch. This can create a perfect breeding grounds for cockroaches and ants. As the much decomposes, it generates heat which provides cover for the pests. Keeping mulch at least 12 inches away from the foundation can help with this problem. You can also use inorganic solutions such as gravel or rock. But on the contrary, do not leave the ground bare. This can lead to nesting of yellow jackets and other insects. Finding the perfect in between for your home can create the perfect outdoor space without attracting the bugs.

Keep Your Yard Trimmed

Keeping you yard trimmed can eliminate the increase of the tick population near your home. It is very common for ticks to live in the tall grass, waiting for an animal or human to pass by. Having a well-groomed yard can also increase curb appeal for your home.

To stay away from bugs, especially mosquitoes during peak season, there are many different things we can do. During the summer, we want you to enjoy your time with family and friends. By following some of these simple steps to keep bugs away from your outdoor area, you can enjoy your summer and not worry about bugs.

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