Goodbye Cold Nights, Fire Pit Art® Is Changing the Game!

Nov 4th 2019

Goodbye Cold Nights, Fire Pit Art® Is Changing the Game!

Pumpkin spice, flannel shirts, and apple cider are everywhere you turn. Autumn has officially begun. With the start of the leaves gliding to the ground, you can rest assured that cooler weather is not far away. A classic favorite for combating the cold weather is the fire pit. And at Fire Pit Art® we create our steel fire pits with the highest standards and guarantee your flames will be hotter than the rest.

Buying a fire pit from a big box store may be convenient, but you end up with cheap building materials, flimsy spark guards, and smaller diameter standards. Fire Pit Art® takes pride in the durability, creativity, and heat production of our products. Our fire pits produce more heat and last longer than most other steel fire pits you could buy today, let us tell you why.


Our fire pits are handcrafted out of ¼” thick carbon steel, which radiates the heat of your fire better than other metal fire pits available on the market. Painted with a heat resistant coating and finished with iron oxide patina, our fire pits are built to last.

Iron Oxide Patina

Finished with Iron Oxide Patina, your Fire Pit Art® fire pit will start a rusty orange prior to the first fire. During the first fire, you will see the fire pit evolve into a beautiful mahogany color, which will mature each burn. This mahogany coloring will become the permanent coloring of your fire pit. Not only does this patina create a beautiful outer finish through the work of the first flame, but it also creates a maintenance-free fire pit that can be left outdoors in any weather condition.

Rain Drains

Coupled with the ease of the iron oxide patina, leaving the fire pit outdoors is hassle-free. Most fire pits we create have a built-in 1 ½” diameter rain drains. With the heavy-duty and durable fire pits, tipping out the water would be a dangerous task. The rain drain does the work for you, keeping our fire pits maintenance free.

Weather Protected

Each unique design, including custom designs, have the ability to use multiple fuel sources. Choose from wood burning (our humble favorite) natural gas (match lit or AWEIS), or liquid propane (match lit or AWEIS). AWEIS burners are available for all our fire pits. AWEIS, standing for ‘All Weather Electronic Ignition System,’ allows you to use any fuel type with your Fire Pit Art® fire pit, regardless of the weather conditions it experienced. As our business is based in the heart of Tennessee, we understand the beauty of the changing seasons, but also the dilemma it brings to outdoor investments. Rest assured that our fire pits are built to withstand all weather conditions, including the addition of a custom fit steel topper.

Personalized and Custom Fit Accessories

All Fire Pit Art® accessories are hand-crafted and custom fit to our products. Our heavy metal spark guards, canvas fire pit covers, and steel table tops come in sizes and shapes explicitly built for the Fire Pit Art® designs listed in the descriptions per size. We create our accessories with the same materials as the fire pits and the created with the same integrity, built to last.

With the option of designing a custom fire pit, you can also personalize a fire pit base attached to and shipped with your Fire Pit Art® fire pit. A base carved with your business logo, family name, or favorite quote gives a personalized touch to your fire pit that helps it stand out against the rest!

You may choose to personalize your Saturn fire pit. While this fire pit has the option of coming to you with one of our favorite quotes “Welcome to our fire pit where friends and marshmallows get toasted!”, choose a poem, prayer, family name, or quote to hand carve into the Saturn ring and show off to friends and family!

Warranty Coverage

Priding ourselves on never getting return products, we do still offer a 10-year warranty on all fire pit components, excluding the gas components, to the original owner. We strongly believe our fire pit designs will become heirlooms passed down for generations to enjoy.

As always, you may call or email with any questions to us directly at Fire Pit Art® 614-707-1912.