Fire Surfer and Manta Ray: When Fire and Water Collide

At Fire Pit Art®, fire pit designs are drawn from the unique, personal experiences of our founders Rick and Donna Wittrig. Through their love and admiration of the oceans, and passion for fire pieces, Rick and Donna created the Fire Surfer and Manta Ray Fire Pits.

Fire Surfer

This stainless-steel fire pit was inspired from the Wittrig’s trip to Maui. Observing the beauty of Polynesian living and the traditional Luau festivities inspired Rick to design a fire pit. Hawaii’s Luau scenes are known for its exotic beach fronts, hula dancers, and pig roasts. Another staple tradition in the Luau is fire dancing.

Fire dancing has been ingrained in the cherished heritage of the Polynesian people for thousands of years. Initially beginning with machetes, fire dancing has always been a dangerous performance. The dance started with machetes with towels wrapped on both ends, exposing only the middle of the blade. These towels were then set ablaze, and the dancers' acrobatic stunts began. The fire dancing tradition has always been a representation of fire manipulation and keen athleticism. The danger in the performances has intrigued onlookers for generations.

While enjoying the company of loved ones and new friends alike, Rick and Donna witnessed the iconic fire dancers of the Luau. Gracefully spinning to the beat of the drums and the sound of the surf, Fire Surfer fire pit was born.

Hand-built with sturdy eleven-gauge steel, Fire Surfer is an iconic art piece that has a unique structure for portability. Décor of tasteful waves remind us of the hypnotic surf that laps the Hawaiian shore. Standing a foot off the ground, and weighing 40 pounds, Fire Surfer can easily be brought to any function or beachfront night to enjoy the fire and water alike.

Manta Ray

The Manta Ray fire pit, named for the majestic sea creature, resembles the wings of the Manta Ray gliding through the ocean current. Donna Wittrig is a trained and adept scuba diver, whose admiration for the oceanic life sparks creations such as this in the Fire Pit Art® collections. During a dive through the ocean’s blue oasis, Rick and Donna were able to gaze upon the mighty Manta Ray in flight. Gracefully dancing through the current, the Manta Ray’s wings keep the enormous creature afloat. With a wingspan that can exceed 20 feet across, and weighing as much as 3,000 pounds, the manta ray is truly unlike any other stingray in the ocean. It’s no surprise that the close-up underwater view of this powerful sea creature in habitat ignited a desire for a fire pit design.

Just under two feet tall and three feet wide, with a 135-pound masterpiece of thick, mild, carbon-steel is a statement piece of the ocean lover. Finished with iron-oxide patina and the addition of AWEIS ignition, the Manta Ray is entirely weatherproof. Available for wood burning, natural gas or liquid propane, customize the Manta Ray fire pit to your fuel preference.

Both Fire Surfer and Manta Ray fire pits are handmade with durability to last. Both are available with the AWEIS (All Weather Electronic Ignition System) for the safest electronic ignition system on the market. The AWEIS system encompasses flame sensing technology that includes a windproof design. Fire Pit Art® collection has created custom fitting canvas covers and heavy-duty spark guards for Fire Pit Art® designs. Purchasing a waterfront inspired fire pit and one of the many Fire Pit Art® accessories can start your new year off with incomparable warmth and design to match.

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