Fire Pit Art® On Home Talk!

Posted by Fire Pit Art on Mar 10th 2020

Fire Pit Art® On Home Talk!

It is with pure excitement that we announce that Fire Pit Art® will be interviewing on Home Talk USA radio! Home Talk is a television and radio show. Their mission is to create a community for home improvement and construction information. The show is a valued resource for buyers to learn about new home improvement projects. Home Talk is also a way to gain information for your construction needs. Michael King, TV and radio host, will be interviewing Rick Wittrig, Fire Pit Art® owner and crafter!

During the interview, customers will be diving deep into the business of Fire Pit Art®. Tune in to learn about our unique creative process and our available products. Discussions will include how our company came to be, and the history we are so very proud of. Currently located in Lebanon, Tenessee, we will discuss where it all began. We'll also discuss the materials used, and the creativity behind our designs! We have been open about the adventures that sparked the ideas for our signature designs. We hope that through Home Talk you will learn even more about who Fire Pit Art® is as a company. And we hope you learn more about the journey we have taken to get to where we are now.

One of our favorite experiences to speak about is the Vancouver Olympics. When the situation arose Fire Pit Art® seized the opportunity to create this unique fire pit. Taking on a design of that magnitude in the eyes of the world was an experience we are very delighted to share with you!

Fire Pit Art® prides itself on being a local business in a small American town in Tennessee. Owners Donna and Rick Wittrig have built their company from the ground up. Rick Wittrig, grew up in a farm town working with his hands and heavy equipment, like those used today. Through his hard work, Rick built the foundational skills Fire Pit Art® would need. Rick has perfected his technique through the years. Today he crafts his creative fire pit pieces by hand, with only the toughest materials. Fire Pit Art® fire pits are not like the retail pits you will find in stores today. Fire Pit Art® offers stainless steel and ¼ inch thick mild carbon steel. These materials are the highest durability options.

Rick Wittrig is a craftsman and artist with his designs. If you browse the vast catalog and don’t find a model that fits your style or need inquire about a custom piece. Creating custom designs is a personal journey you and Rick will take together. Rick will keep you engaged during the process from the initial consult to the final product. With so many happy and returning customers, you are sure to want to show off your fire pit piece.

Whether you are inquiring about a fire pit for your home, garden, or your business, Fire Pit Art® is your best choice. At Fire Pit Art® we create lasting pieces your business and family will enjoy for ages. Bring home a fire pit the family will enjoy and make memories around. Strength and weatherproofing are qualities in our design process that we always include. Our process results in your fire pit becoming cherished from generation to generation.

Want to know more about the Fire Pit Art® story and the process of our work? Tune into Home Talk USA March 25, 2020, to find out more information!

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