Fire Pit Art® Highest Quality: What Our Customers Are Saying

It is no secret that here at Fire Pit Art®, we strive to build our products with durability and integrity at the heart of all we do. Our customers appreciate the craftsmanship as well as the high-quality product they receive. As a family-owned business, we strive for creativity, quality, and customer approval. When we read reviews such as these online that highlight the durable work and friendly staff, we try so hard to provide, it reminds us that what we have been building for over ten years has been worth all the hard work. Working out of our shop in Lebanon, Tennessee, we invite any customer to call us if they wish to view the facility and watch the process for themselves. Many customers and locals alike have had the pleasure of observing in our workshop and are pleased with the hard work that goes into each handcrafted piece. We are humbled to have longtime customers still reviewing our products and purchasing more fire pits for themselves and their loved ones. With these fantastic reviews and testimonials, we hope that you, too, find a Fire Pit Art® piece that brings you happiness, warmth, and joy for generations!

Nicholas J.

“This manufacturer takes pride in their work and the product you receive is of the highest quality! Don’t be mistaken by cheap imitations of these products out there, Fire Pit Art provides the best product for your backyard!”

Diane B.

“Beautiful fire pits! High quality! Wonderful family owned business. Made in Tennessee!”

Robert J.

“My wife and I purchased our fire pit 10 years ago when we moved into our house. It’s still going strong and we love it. If you want a quality AMERICAN MADE product this is for you.”

Tyler E.

“Outstanding business... I’ve been in the shop... truly American made...I’ve had one for 8 years - still going strong!”

Ron D.

“Great product made in Lebanon Tennessee. I visited the shop and watch them make the firepits. I bought my firepit 8 years ago and use it frequently. My family and I Love It! Good people... GREAT PRODUCT!”

Geoff H.

“Quality beyond compare! These are the real deal. There is nothing shabby in the materials used and you certainly can’t move one by yourself! This is a great company run by great people!”

Linda O.

“Love this company and their products. We have 3 of their fire pits and just love them. Excellent quality, and very creative. Also love that they are made in USA and love that Fire Pit Art® has done wonderful things for our community. Great company. If you want a quality firepit that is made for you and has a 100-year warranty this is the company you want. Our is the focal point of our back yard!!”

Brooke H.

“I purchased the Manta Ray firepit 2-3 years ago and liked it so much that I bought one for my son and his wife as a Christmas present. Great quality, friendly staff, could not be more pleased. If you are seriously considering a firepit for your backyard, I would highly recommend these folks. Great selection of pits to choose from too! You can't go wrong!”

Want to experience the Fire Pit Art® difference for yourself? Check out our catalog of designs or inquire about a customized fire pit of your own!

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