Fire Pit Art® Functional Steel Sculptures

Posted by Donna Wittrig on Feb 15th 2014

Fire Pit Art® Functional Steel Sculptures

Fire Pit Art

Functional Steel Sculpture

It's easy to see why fire features have become such a popular element of landscape design. The warmth and focus of an open hearth under the stars provides a great space for socializing and conversation, extending the living area of your home to the outdoors. An evening around the fire is a pleasurable pastime, as flames capture the imagination, sparking ancient memories spanning back to the dawn of time. The constant movement and change of fire is both soothing and exciting, the perfect backdrop for tall tales, quiet reflection or intimate moments.

Designed to become an everlasting part of your family tradition, these fire pits are unique works of art hand-cut by artist Rick Wittrig. No two are exactly alike, as the flames are drawn free-hand. Gather friends and family to celebrate round a roaring blaze year-around. The raised bowl allows you to sit comfortably without having to lean forward to stay warm. Keep your feet toasty, tucked below the rim of the bowl and bask in the full-body radiance that a raised fire bowl offers. An outdoor fire pit is a great way to extend the outdoor living season.