Fire Pit Art® Craftsmanship: What Our Customers Are Saying

At Fire Pit Art®, we genuinely believe our fire pits will become more than a piece of yard décor, but a gathering focal point for loved ones and business colleagues alike to join in conversation and merriment. Handcrafting our designs, whether it be a cataloged design or a customized piece, we put our hearts into each creation and build the structures with integrity. When we receive feedback from our customers, we read and reply to each review, and love to learn what others feel about their Fire Pit Art® piece. Join us as we explore down the community that Fire Pit Art® is proud to have created and share the reviews of the Fire Pit Art® craftsmanship.

Amber H.

“This is a locally, family-owned business that has some of the hardest working, generous people at the helm. Not only is their hand-crafted product exceptional aesthetically, it’s functionally longstanding. My husband has toured their manufacturing facility, I’ve been to a show they’ve sold at and was in awe of their craftsmanship long before I knew the owners, and we have personally enjoyed the fire pit art in the Wittrig’s very own backyard. When it came time to think of special gifts for last year’s 8th graders advancing into high school at my son’s school, the Wittrigs made every single student a sizeable cross with the school letters cut out and included a verse...and DONATED all of them, which was meaningful because it came from their manufacturing location right in Wilson County, Tenn. This is artisan work that their community is extremely proud to claim comes from our small place in the world.”

Rikki Lea T.

“Fire Pit Art® offers authentic hand-crafted products! Our firepit will be an heirloom for many generations!! We create memories of love and friendship gathered around our Lotus!”

Shelly B.

“Excellent customer service and impeccable craftsmanship. This American family business is an amazing asset to our local community and I am proud to know their work. Good job, Rick and crew for working so hard to give the very best!”

John B.

“Fire Pit Art® is a great, locally owned and operated manufacturing company. I had the pleasure of touring the facility on several occasions and the process is simply amazing. From start to finish the intricate techniques are truly an art form. Thanks to Rick for allowing me to tour the facility all the way from the cutting of the raw material to the sand blasting, it was awesome!”

Mr. Keever

“Ordered a custom 41" Navigator with the cover and grate in January. We use it every weekend. The circular design allows the heat to swirl up the dome, keeping it hot but away from kids. The metal radiates heat so your feet are even warm. It is a focal piece for our yard, our family and friends love it, and at least 6-8 people can sit around it comfortably and get warm. Oh and it weighs 200 pounds, thick carbon steel that will probably outlast our house. We could not be more pleased! You get what you pay for! I looked at expensive other models at outdoor showrooms that are half the price but less than 5% of the quality of Fire Pit Art's craftsmanship.”

Andrea G

“Absolutely love our Third Rock fire pit. We have had it more than five years and use it often - in all seasons. Everyone who sees it - whether in use or not - comments how impressive it is. It certainly makes for enjoyable recreational fires.”

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