​Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Posted by Fire Pit Art on Dec 4th 2023

​Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pits have become a popular addition to outdoor spaces, providing warmth, ambiance, and a gathering point for family and friends. But when it comes to deciding the best place to put your outdoor fire pit, several factors come into play. In this guide, we'll explore the key considerations for choosing the ideal location for your fire pit, focusing on safety, functionality, space, and distance from flammable items.


The first step in determining the best location for your fire pit is to consider its primary function. Are you planning to use it for cozy family gatherings in your backyard, or is it intended to be a unique decorative feature on a commercial property? Your fire pit's function will influence your location choice.

For commercial settings where the fire pit serves as an eye-catching decor piece, placing it in a prominent location like a promenade can be a great choice. It will draw attention and create a visually appealing focal point.

However, if your fire pit is meant for family gatherings, you'll want to ensure it's placed in an area that comfortably accommodates many people gathered around the fire. This means having enough space to prevent overcrowding near the flames. If you plan to have stationary seating around the fire pit, make sure to follow the space and distance recommendations discussed below to prioritize safety.


The space around your fire pit is crucial for safety and functionality. You want to provide enough room for people to sit at varying distances from the fire, allowing everyone to experience the warmth and the joy of being around the fire pit.

A good starting point is to have an optimal 7-foot radiating space surrounding the fire pit. This basic distance ensures that people can sit near or farther from the fire while still feeling its warmth. It also allows for easy movement and traffic flow around the fire pit. Remember that when it comes to open flames, it's better to have too much space than too little.

Distance from Flammable Items

In addition to the 7-foot radius rule, which primarily addresses the safety of individuals near the fire pit, you should also consider the distance between your fire pit and other outdoor objects. Maintaining a safe distance from flammable items such as houses, sheds, dog houses, trees, and plants is essential.

Not only should you ensure that the flames won't reach these objects, but you should also be mindful of the fact that sparks can travel farther than flames. To minimize the risk of sparks igniting nearby combustible objects, including fuel, maintain a good distance between your fire pit and items like log racks. It's convenient to keep your wood within walking distance for easy access, but make sure it's outside the 7-foot radius.


Safety is the paramount concern when choosing your outdoor fire pit location. Each of the location considerations discussed above is rooted in safety principles.

The 7-foot radius rule helps prevent unwanted fires caused by stray embers landing on nearby flammable surfaces. It also ensures there's enough space for guests to enjoy the warmth of the fire pit without feeling cramped or being exposed to smoke.

Another crucial safety measure is the surface on which your fire pit stands. Using a safe fire pit surface is vital to reducing the fire hazards associated with poor location choices. Safe surfaces typically consist of materials like gravel, stone, or concrete. The best option is a fire-resistant composite material, as wood and other ignitable surfaces pose serious fire hazards.

Placement Considerations

Apart from the primary factors discussed above, there are a few additional placement considerations to keep in mind when deciding where to put your fire pit:

  1. Wind Direction: Consider the prevailing wind direction in your area. You don't want smoke blowing directly into your home or seating area. Position your fire pit so that the prevailing winds carry the smoke away from where you and your guests will be sitting.
  2. Local Regulations: Check with your local authorities to ensure you're compliant with any regulations or permits required for outdoor fire pits. There may be specific rules regarding minimum distances from structures or property lines.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Think about how your fire pit will fit into the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. It should complement your landscaping and the design of your patio or backyard.
  4. Accessibility: Ensure that your chosen location is easily accessible. You don't want guests to have difficulty reaching the fire pit or carrying food and drinks to the area.

Choosing the best location for your outdoor fire pit is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience. Consider the function of your fire pit, the space around it, the distance from flammable items, overall safety, and the additional placement considerations mentioned above when making your decision.

At Fire Pit Art®, we offer fire pits with versatility and portability options, making it possible to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire pit in various locations. Whether it's at your home, workplace, or even the beach, our fire pits provide a warm gathering point while prioritizing safety and functionality. So, take your time to select the perfect spot for your fire pit, and create memorable moments with family and friends around the flickering flames. With careful planning and attention to detail, your outdoor fire pit can be a source of comfort and joy for years to come.