Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Summer is here, which might be leaving you eager to start decorating your outdoor space. The days are getting longer, the sun is burning hotter, and the smell of delectable BBQ fills the air! Of course, you can’t wait to enjoy your outdoor space, but it may not have the ambiance you hoped. If you are not a natural interior (or outdoor decorator, for that matter), it can be challenging to know how to create a special vibe for your backyard getaway. 

Luckily, we have consulted the creativity and expertise of others to help inspire you with tips and tricks to turn your backyard into the escape of your dreams. We can’t wait to help you decorate your outdoor space! Here’s to the transformation!
Patio Lights

1. Lights! 

Outdoor lighting options are abundant! You could hang strings of warm yellow lights around your outdoor space. You could also opt to hang lanterns! There are also low or tall torch-style lights to highlight the perimeter of your designated outdoor hangout area. You could even adventure on a DIY journey and turn an indoor light into an outdoor light, creating a unique look all your own! 

There are a wide variety of lights and light styles and power options! You can find solar-powered lights, lights that plug into outlets, battery-powered lights, or lights that wire into your space. Whatever option you choose, lights can give your space that welcoming glow! 

Pro Tip: Longing for a string of warm lights but don’t have anywhere to hang them? No problem! You can always use a big tree as a base to anchor your lights!Patio Area Rug

2. An Outdoor Area Rug

An outdoor area rug adds a fun visual element to your space and provides a soft surface for bare feet. It also makes your space feel a little more homey, cozy, and welcoming. Indoor and outdoor area rugs are not interchangeable. Designed to endure heavy foot traffic and various weather, outdoor rugs are more durable than indoor rugs.

An outdoor rug can give your space a splash of vibrant color and a little extra personality. When choosing colors, keep in mind that darker colors complement lighter accessories and lighter patio furniture and hide the dirt better.

Pro Tip: You can easily clean an outdoor area rug by sweeping it off with a broom. In extreme cases of muddy dirt, you can also hose it off and let it dry in the sunshine.Patio Decorative Pillows

3. Pillows

Like area rugs, outdoor pillows make your space feel cozy, welcoming, and comfortable. Decorative outdoor pillows differ from indoor pillows as they are usually made with lightweight polyester stuffing and weather resilient fabric. However, this doesn’t mean they are waterproof; they won’t fade as badly when in the sun and will not mold as easily if wet. It is important to keep your pillows undercover when it rains to prevent mold from growing. 

Pro Tip: A deck box or stylish storage bench can be a perfect place to store pillows and items you’d like to keep dry when the weather isn’t optimal!
Wall-mounted Planters

4. Wall-Mounted Planters

Suppose you have a small outdoor space but are still hoping for some greenery, then wall-mounted planters might be perfect! Wall-mounted planters can add fresh and fun greenery to your area without taking away from valuable real estate on the ground. You can easily hang them on a fence or patio wall!

Pro Tip: You can use your wall planters to grow herbs giving your space the beauty of greenery and the smell of basil, thyme, lavender, and oregano, and your culinary dishes a vibrant pop!Container Garden

5. Container Garden

Similar to wall-mounted plants, container gardens can give your space a beautiful pop of green and create a lush oasis in an area where planting the traditional way might be difficult. Container gardens can be creative, innovative and showcase your particular personality through plants! The fantastic thing about a container garden is you can opt for more tropical plants that might make it through a harsher winter. You can quickly move these plants indoors for the winter, enabling them to stay year-round!

Pro Tip: Some beautiful options for your container gardens include ferns, succulents, mosses, miniature moth orchids, African violets, and kalanchoes. You can mix and match and place pots together or have them spread throughout your space!
Patio Umbrella

6. Umbrella and Awnings 

What outdoor space would be complete without proper shade from the warming sun? Umbrellas and awnings protect from the heat and create another opportunity to add a layer of color and pop to your space. With plenty of options, you are sure to find an umbrella or awning that fits your space and your tastes! There are freestanding umbrellas that can move around depending on the sun’s location, shade sails, and canopies! 

Pro Tip: Choose whatever color umbrella best suits your space and style! But we want to mention that black (while a little boring) offers the best protection from harsh UV rays, goes with everything, and is more effective at creating a cool space.
Outdoor Curtains

7. Curtains

Yes, you read that correctly! Outdoor curtains can be an excellent way to visually break up your space and create a unique and vacation-y vibe for your area. The proper curtain setup can make you feel like you’ve rented your own beach cabana for a day of relaxation in your backyard! They also offer another (small) level of sun protection and shade. 

As with your area rug and pillows, make sure you opt for curtains specific for outdoor use to prevent the risk of mildew forming. Always bring them inside for the winter. 

Pro Tip: If your backyard hangout space is too close to your neighbors and you long for a little extra privacy, outdoor curtains can act as the perfect barrier to give you that extra element of peace and seclusion! Patio Table Decor

8. Tabletop Decorations

Feel free to add fun decorations to your outdoor patio table to give your space even more personality! For example, you might opt for a table runner, candles, a bowl of seasonal fruit, terrariums, or planters. 

Pro Tip: Why choose just one decor option? Have several of your favorites on hand to rotate through, depending on your mood and the occasion! Asia Fire Pit Art Firepit

9. Portable Fire Pit

A firepit can act as the pivotal center for your outdoor space! In fact, as the centerpiece, it can set the tone and theme for the rest of your decorations. Still not convinced? Please take a peek at our list of reasons why a portable fire pit could be the perfect addition to your backyard! 

If you are hoping to add a fireplace to your backyard, you will want to choose the right one! Here at Fire Pit Art, we carry innovative and breathtaking designs paired with quality craftsmanship. Check out some of our fire pit designs here. Don’t see anything you like? We can create a custom design to best complement your space. It also creates a welcoming and homey ambiance. 

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