​Considerations for your Commercial Fire Pit

Posted by Fire Pit Art® on May 13th 2019

​Considerations for your Commercial Fire Pit

Considerations for your Commercial Fire Pit or Corporate Fire Feature

A fire pit makes for a stunning display both indoors and outdoors. More and more companies are integrating the use of a commercial fire pit as part of their overall design scheme. A fire pit can serve as a piece of corporate art, custom made to feature the corporate brand highlighted by vibrant flames.

It also may be utilized anywhere from a small recreation room to a massive external display. This article will provide several things to consider regarding your commercial fire pit.

A Commercial Fire Pit

Custom made fire pits that feature a corporate logo represent a stunning piece of advertising and memorable corporate branding. A dancing flame catches the eye in a way that no artificial lighting ever could.

Before you order your commercial fire pit feature, it's important to have a good plan in place. Here is a list of considerations that will help you make your commercial fire pit into the success you deserve.

  • Location
  • How will it be used
  • Will the public be able to interact with the fire pit
  • Who will maintain the fire pit


Where is the commercial fire pit going to be installed and are there any unique specifications to that location? Your fire pit will be part of an overall design scheme, so it's crucial to design a fire feature that fits in with the overall theme of the space. The size of the display area for the pit will be critical in determining the fire pit itself.

Also, will the fire pit be indoors or outdoors? Will it need a glass shield as an additional safety precaution? The location of the fire pit will offer a good start to the specifications and design requirements of your fire pit.

How Will the Fire Pit Be Used?

Is this commercial fire pit simply a display, or will it be used for entertaining clients? Perhaps the pit will be used only during relaxation periods by members of your company. Maybe you want something portable that you can bring along to corporate events? The commercial fire pit should be designed with a specific purpose in mind so that Fire Pit Art® can construct the fire pit to help you fully realize that purpose.

Will the Public Interact with the Pit?

Interaction with the general public is a critical concern with every design element of any corporate space. If your fire pit is a large display, will the public be allowed to approach it? Perhaps in some circumstances, it would be prudent to erect your fire pit on a pedestal where it is safely out of reach. Always consider how the public might potentially interact with your fire pit.

Who Will Operate and Maintain the Pit?

A commercial fire pit requires very little maintenance, but there should be a person capable of doing the job. Commercial fire pits come with a variety of ignition options, depending on the size. Fire Pit Art® can pick the best one for your needs. Also, fire pits are available in a variety of fuel sources, so it's important to know what fuels are available or permissible in your location.

A Reflection of the Corporate Brand

Your fire pit will help associate your brand with luxury, warmth, and class. A fire pit is truly a piece of stunning corporate art that will capture the attention of the public like no other advertising display. Before you order your custom fire feature, give proper consideration to the form and purpose of the final product.

The artisans that ultimately design and build your fire pit at Fire Pit Art®, will guide you in ways to make it safe and efficient. Whether it's for advertising or corporate retreats, you can't go wrong with a commercial fire pit.