Commercial Fire Pits: The New Trend

At Fire Pit Art®, we believe your fire pit is a gathering place for family and friends. But what if we told you it could also serve as a public gathering place, increasing the appeal and value of your property? Restaurants, apartment complexes, ski resorts, malls, and more, have all begun to indulge in this new fire pit trend. There are limitless ways to utilize a fire pit on your commercial property. Choosing the right design depends on your specific needs.


Traditional wood fire pits can be a classic choice when using the fire pit for a laid-back setting, such as an outdoor fire at a ski resort, or a terrace on the beach at a resort. When burning wood in a Fire Pit Art® fire pit, you will maximize the heat produced by your fire because of the steel in which our fire pits are hand-crafted. Our hand-crafted steel fire pits create hotter flames for your guests to enjoy. Outdoors and in the colder seasons, wood fire pits are an excellent addition to any commercial property.

Glass or Charcoal can be excellent fuel sources for long-term burns. However, glass is also a fantastic fuel choice when you desire a design that makes a statement. Fire glass comes in various forms, shapes, and colors and can accent any style you wish with your fire pit. Fire glass is an upscale choice that will surely make an impression on your guests as it provides a more modern and elegant display.


Commercial properties have the flexibility of adding one or multiple fire pits to their property, depending on their design preference.

One fire pit on a commercial property can serve as a “sweet spot” for guests, clients, and employees to gather. The fire pit can serve as the central gathering site to impress and relax with others, or it can serve as a beautiful monument. At Fire Pit Art®, we have created several custom-designed fire pits for commercial use, a fire pit coupled with a veteran memorial statue, a fire pit used on a commercial business promenade seating area, and more!

Having multiple fire pits around your campus can create a unique atmosphere for your business. By inquiring about custom fire pits, or using one of our unique hand-crafted designs, your business will have the aesthetic feel you crave in today’s modern style. For commercial venues that host events, multiple fire pits throughout the property can create an exceptional atmosphere, persuading consumers to choose your location for the unique experience it provides for their guests.


Depending on the aesthetics your business desires, choosing a size is the next step from location. The most common choices for size are the following:

Large center

Utilizing a promenade, patio, or lawn is easy with a fire pit design for your business. With the land spread out wide, and a fire pit the centralized focal point, you can make a statement with this item of décor. At Fire Pit Art®, we have pieces, such as Third Rock, that have been added to our catalog of unique designs in the mindset of elevating the classic fire pit.

If your business holds a monument or memorial structure, a fire pit can also be a beautiful addition. We have created custom pieces to fit upon veteran memorials, and created fire pits large enough to house a custom cut statue atop the fire pit. Your imagination is the limit with a custom design.

Perimeter columns or towers

When a sizeable outdoor space needs additional décor, fire pits can add that extra flare. We created fire pits such as the Vesuvius with this purpose in mind. While these fire pits can stand alone and create a primary heat source for an outdoor space, they also provide the flexibility of being used at various corners of your property’s perimeter, creating a large-scale torch-like feel. Forget the cheap citronella torches; our Mt. Vesuvius inspired fire towers stands statuesque.

Whether you require large, small, custom, or cataloged, Fire Pit Art® has the answer for you and your business. To learn more and view other custom designs, visit our website.