Benefits Of An All Weather Ignition System

When the weather is rainy, but you still desire that warm fire pit to relax under your covered patio, the last task you want is attempting to start a fire in the wind and rain. With winds blowing, you can’t even guarantee your fire will stay lit. At Fire Pit Art®, we believe in enjoying the warmth of a fire all year round in any weather condition. Based in the heart of Tennessee, we understand that varying weather conditions may make building a fire in your fire pit more of a chore than a luxury. For this reason, we have the benefit of adding the All Weather Ignition System, or AWEIS, to our fire pits to ease the process regardless of the condition. Created by Fire by Design, the All Weather Ignition System is designed for convenience, with the ability to control your fire pit by remote, and has been rigorously tested. There are several electronic ignition systems on the market today; however, AWEIS design and construction have proven to stand above the rest.

The AWEIS Design

We offer the commercial-grade AWEIS Mini in our Fire Pit Art® accessories store. This model is compatible with any natural gas or propane fire pits. With a max BTU output of 125,000 BTU per hour, your fire pit will be roaring no matter the weather conditions. The ignition system can be hooked up to remote controls or switches for smooth operating. For an added benefit, the original design company, Fire by Design, has created the ability for multiple fire pits to be connected to the same remote or switch.

The AWEIS ignition system has been through rigorous “torture” tests by the design company to prove the lasting durability.

The AWEIS machine has been tested in intense water pressure while being used to burn a fire in a fire bowl and sent through a car wash. The fire stayed strong regardless of the harsh wet conditions. The AWEIS system was subject to a submersion test to prove it can withstand even the harshest standing water conditions. Most fire pit ignition systems cannot survive exposure to standing water without fear of ruining the electronic components or introducing water to the gas lines. During the AWEIS submersion test, the entire ignition system was left unaffected by the standing water. For anyone living in an area with heavy rainfall, this test proves that AWEIS is the ignition system you need.

Where this is heavy rain, heavy wind is usually not far behind. The designers took it upon themselves to test the durability of the AWEIS powered flames through extreme wind conditions. A fire bowl powered by the AWEIS system was loaded onto the truck, lit ablaze, and driven down the highway at 55mph. The flames withstood the 55 mile per hour wind without the flames being sent into a frenzy or blowing out.

The final torture test by the Fire by Design company was a freeze test. The test required placing the ignition system into a bin of water and freezing the system overnight. The next morning the water was thawed, and the system was used to power up a fire pit. The fire ignited without issue, proving the AWEIS system is truly all-weather compatible, even for those leaving their fire pits outdoors in the sub-zero temperatures.

The AWEIS ignition system is built with the highest quality and durability of any ignition system on the market. It makes the perfect pairing with a Fire Pit Art® fire pit. Contact us today with any questions about the compatibility of our two systems or which fire pit is the best fit for you!