Plan the Best Daddy-Daughter Backyard Camping Trip

Posted by Fire Pit Art on May 2nd 2022

Plan the Best Daddy-Daughter Backyard Camping Trip

Plan the Best Daddy-Daughter Backyard Camping Trip

With the weather warming, the sun shining, and the fresh air calling, your daughter might be asking about a camping trip. Camping is a wonderful way to connect, experience the great outdoors, and create amazing family memories! However, it can be hard to schedule time away to embark on a camping trip. That’s why we are giving you suggestions on how to plan the best daddy-daughter backyard camping trip this summer!

We know life is full so let us take away the stress of planning your trip by giving you a quick and easy checklist for reference.

Here are several things you need to consider to plan the best daddy-daughter backyard trip!

1. The Right Gear

Whether you are a camping pro or have never set up a tent before, you will need some essential gear to make your backyard trip more enjoyable, comfortable, and relaxing! The right equipment is imperative to create the feel of the great outdoors while in the comfort of your backyard. Of course, we know that you have easy access to all the amenities in your home, but by preparing these items, you are sure to experience the whole camping adventure!

A Good Quality Tent

Your tent is your shelter for however many nights you decide to enjoy the ambiance of your backyard, so you will want to ensure this structure is up to snuff. When choosing a tent, there are several vital factors you will want to consider. For example, how many people will it need to fit? What is your price point? What is the climate like where you live (below freezing at night or balmy and humid)? REI offers an excellent guide to help you decide which tent is the best fit for you!

A Cozy Sleeping Bag

Don’t underestimate how chilly it can still get at night – especially if you’re sleeping on the ground. It is easy to mistake the 80 and 90-degree weather of the day for balmy nights, and this is not always the case. As with choosing your tent, there are certain things you will want to take into consideration when choosing your sleeping bag. Such as, what is the temperature going to be on the nights we are camping out? Do I naturally sleep a little colder or hotter?

You also should consider where else you might be using your sleeping bag. For example, what other camping adventures will you be taking it on? Countless sleeping bag options range significantly in price, so discussing your needs with a professional can help you dwindle your options and find the best fit for you! In addition, you might find the ground a little uncomfortable, so picking up a foam or air sleeping pad can aid in a deep night’s sleep. Not only does a sleeping pad provide comfort, but it also helps insulate you from the cold earth, keeping you warmer through the night.


An easily-missed essential camping gear item is the flashlight. A light source is something you don’t want to forget! Depending on the location of your backyard, it can become quite dark at night, even if there is slight illumination from nearby car or street lights. So when you need to find your way back to the house to use the bathroom or want an extra pair of socks, it’s a great idea to have a headlight or flashlight handy to help you navigate.


Unless you are ready to rub two sticks together in an attempt to make a fire, a lighter or box of matches will be useful items to add to your camping gear list. So make sure you have them handy!

2. Yummy Snacks

You will want to have some yummy snacks ready in advance for late-night munching! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy snacks around a cozy, crackling fire pit? Whether you prefer salty or sweet, we have a few ideas to get your party started!

  • S’mores
  • A plate of nachos
  • Rice Krispie treats
  • Favorite bags of chips
  • Popcorn
  • Sour gummy candies
  • Trail mix
  • Carrot sticks and hummus

3. A Few Camping Games

What daddy-daughter backyard camping trip would be complete without a few fun games? Depending on your child’s age and preferences, there are countless games to make your evening more memorable. So let’s get the inspirational juices flowing with several fantastic ideas.

Flashlight Tag

This is a perfect game to play once the sun goes down! Flashlight tag is basically hide-and-seek in the dark. Whoever is “it” has to shine their flashlight on the hiding person once found. A variation is a person who is “it” has to try to “tag” the other person by shining their flashlight on them.

A Deck of Cards

A deck of cards is highly versatile and provides hours of fun. The game options are endless; from “Go Fish” to “Hearts,” you are sure to find hours of enjoyment there. Play your daughter’s favorites or discover something new to learn together.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a classic and never gets old. Young and old enjoy the silly fill-in-the-blank stories that result from random nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Plus, it’s also a fantastic mini grammar refresher. You can easily find Mad Libs sheets to print out online or buy a book chocked full of fun ones! We suggest going with a camping-themed option.

An Exquisite Corpse Story

As fun as the name sounds, you only need a piece of paper and several pens or pencils for this game. The first person will write a few sentences to start a story and then fold the paper down to hide everything but the last sentence. Then pass the paper to the next person, who carries on the story based only on the one sentence they can read. In the end, a player will hold a dramatic reading of your group story! An Exquisite Corpse Story is sure to bring lots of laughs and hours of fun!

S’more Contest

Do you love combining competition with food and a game? What better way to spend a daddy-daughter backyard camping trip! The classic marshmallow, graham cracker, and Hershey’s chocolate bar is a beautiful thing, but what if you could design something better? Buy some fun and unique s’more ingredients to create an epic s’more showdown! Try a salted caramel s’more, refreshing mint, or peanut butter buster. See who makes the tastiest creation!

4. A Fire Pit

What daddy-daughter backyard camping trip would be complete without a fire pit? A fire pit brings the great outdoors to your backyard and is the perfect and most important element needed to plan the best daddy-daughter backyard camping trip! There isn’t anything quite like that soothing crackle provided by a warm, comforting flame.

Contact us today or check out our unique selection of beautiful fire pits. We would love for our fire pits to be a part of your family memories, adventures, and laughter-filled evenings for years to come.

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