Advantages of Using Fire Glass in your Gas Fire Pit

Oct 17th 2019

Advantages of Using Fire Glass in your Gas Fire Pit

What is Fire Glass

Fire glass is a type of tempered glass created specifically for gas fire pits and fireplaces to use in place of gas logs. This glass is created to withstand high temperatures and will not melt, burn or discolor. With various colors, types, and sizes to choose from, fire glass can fit any style preference. Not only does fire glass bring a unique vibrant appearance to your gas fire pits, but also brings with it several advantages in comparison to gas logs in natural gas or propane firepits.


With a diverse spectrum of advantages, ranging anywhere from safety to durability, fire glass has proven to be an optimal choice for most of the gas fire pit community. The most compelling advantages are low maintenance, durability, safety qualities, and efficient temperature radiation.

Low Maintenance

Fire glass, as aforementioned, does not melt, burn or discolor. The glass also does not leave any soot or ash to clean up, does not create smoke, and doesn’t require any mid-burn maintenance. This means you can start your fire and relax without having to add kindling or stoke at your fire. With the absence of soot and ash, maintenance of fire glass is almost obsolete. Over time if dust builds up on the glass simply wash your fire glass, outside of the fire pit, with gentle dish detergent and warm water, being sure to rinse thoroughly before placing back in your fire pit.


Fire glass has an almost limitless lifespan. Designed to be used in fire, the fire glass will not pop or crack and has been created to withstand extreme temperatures. Financially, fire glass is a shrewd investment as the one-time purchase of fire-glass is likely the only purchase you will make on this product due to its durability. No more ongoing expenses of logs. Like any products, the glass could chip due to human error and mishandling during transport.

Safety Qualities

The production of fire glass increases the safety qualities that are seen as advantages to most users. When being produced, fire glass is tumbled and polished to eliminate any sharp edges. Fire glass, unlike regular glass shards, do not pop or crack during a fire. Never use other glass pieces in a fire pit, as they may crack, pop, or shoot several shards onto unsuspecting guests. Fire glass is a tempered glass that has no plastic additives like other types of tempered glass may include. Burning tempered glass, such as car windows, not specifically designed for fire burning can cause toxic fumes to be released. Fire glass releases no smoke, no toxic fumes, and no ash or sparks. These qualities mean you can safely use fire glass indoors as well as outdoors without fear of a fire hazard to your home, or children and pets nearby.

Efficient Temperature Radiation

The conductivity of glass is higher than that of logs or stones due to its reflective surfaces. Fire glass is designed to amplify your fire pits heat radiation by 3-4 times that produced by logs, when using the correct burner pan. Although it produces the same amount of heat, the reflective surfaces of the glass cause the heat to radiate outward by up to four times greater than that radiated by logs.

Top choices of fire glass designs are:

  • -Original Fire Glass
  • -Crushed Fire Glass
  • -Reflective Fire Glass
  • -Fire Glass Beads
  • -Fire Glass Dots
  • -Fire Glass Diamonds

With varying designs of fire glass to choose from, you can find a fire glass design that matches your home style easily.

Fire glass can only be used with specific gas burners, and are not compatible with wood burning firepits.