5 Reasons to Choose a Wood Burning Fire Pit

Posted by Fire Pit Art on May 2nd 2019

5 Reasons to Choose a Wood Burning Fire Pit

In today's modern society, Fire Pit Art® realizes that "a gathering place for family and friends" has never been more needed. Electronic screens have become so prevalent in our society that it is difficult to escape them. There are even screens in your vehicle in the form of GPS devices or reverse camera displays. Screens are so prevalent they even invade the time you set aside to spend with your family. Even at a dinner, individuals are inclined to disconnect from the friends and family of their immediate company and engage with their cell phone. You need a family activity that can help center your loved ones in a moment of community, and a wood burning fire pit is an ideal solution.

What Is a Wood Burning Fire Pit?

A wood burning fire pit can be many things. From a practical definition, it is a durable container meant to hold a fire. But it is also a family gathering place. The right wood burning fire pit can be a piece of art, both in how it's crafted, and how it frames the flames of a fire. A wood burning fire pit is a source of heat and light, and you can even use it to cook.

There is something essentially satisfying about gathering around the heat of a fire with your friends or family. Although staring a smart screen can give you a headache, you can stare at a fire for hours with no ill effect. Fire pits come in both wood and gas models. Either model has its advantages. Some of the advantages of a wood burning fire pit are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Inexpensive fuel
  • Artistic designs
  • Beautiful smell
  • Safety

Low Maintenance

Fire Pit Art fire pits are made with durable material and can be left out in the elements without being damaged. There are no gas fittings, and all that is required between uses is the removal of ash. You only have to place your fire pit where it has the greatest aesthetic effect and then gather around your friends and family to enjoy the beauty of a wood fire.

Inexpensive Fuel

You can burn any kind of wood in a wood fire pit. If you live on a large property, you can turn a pleasant walk in the woods into a wood-gathering expedition. If you have small children, they'll love coming with you to perform this easy job that gets you back in touch with nature. Camp wood is also widely available, and relatively inexpensive.

Artistic Designs

A wood burning fire pit can emphasize the beauty of wood flames like a frame amplifies the beauty of a fine painting. Many fire pits take advantage of negative design space to highlight the chaotic flicker of a mesmerizing fire. You'll find that even children who have become addicted to video games, will soon be captivated by the natural, and healthy vision of a flickering flame. A wood fire soothes a certain part of the human soul, and you'll find people won't be reaching for their cell phones as they gather around your wood burning fire pit.

Beautiful Smell

There is something special about the smell of burning wood. Just as there are many scented candles, there are many scents to discover with a wood burning fire pit. You'll be able to learn about which wood scent pairs the best with which wine. A wood burning fire pit engages all the senses, but memories of pleasant smells are particularly enduring.


Wood burning fire pits are extremely safe. The fire is well contained with the pit, and there is no chance that the fire will spread to any other area. There is no concern about a gas leak, and there is zero risk that the wood burning fire pit will become a hazard as a result of use.

You'll Love Your Wood Burning Fire Pit

Most of us would like to have more time with the people we love, but it's difficult to find an activity that creates enough engagement without being a distraction. Gathering around a wood burning fire pit helps soothe the mind while keeping you in the moment. There's something inherently relaxing about watching the dancing flames of a fire. Family time spent around your wood burning fire pit will allow you to get past the hundreds of mental barriers we erect to protect us from the stresses of our day and connect in a way you will treasure forever.