What is the Best Location for my Fire Pit?

At Fire Pit Art® we believe our fire pits create a gathering place for family and friends. For the optimal experience the location of your fire pit can play a big role. Ultimately, the question in answered based on safety, functionality, space, and distance from flammable items.


Depending on the primary function of your fire pit, the best location can be varying. If your fire pit is to be used on a commercial property as a unique and eye-catching décor, a promenade may be a wonderful location choice. Fire pits being used for backyard family gatherings should be kept in an area that can accommodate many people surrounding the fire, with enough space to reduce overcrowding near flames. If you are considering stationary seating around your fire pit, be sure to follow the space and distance recommendations below for best safety measures.


Taking considerations that some people may want to sit closer to the fire than others, having an optimal 7-foot radiating space surrounding the firepit is a good starting point. This basic distance can allow people to sit near and far to the fire, while still being able to feel the warmth and experience the joy of others around the fire pit, with enough space for traffic. It’s better to have too much space than too little when it comes to open flames. Remember that safety is another key requirement to location.


As aforementioned, the 7-foot distance rule can help give enough space for loved ones gathered. However, the distance between other outdoor objects is another important consideration with location. Having distance between flammable objects such as houses, sheds, dog houses, trees or plants, etc. is also important. Not only should the flames not reach these objects, but keep in mind that sparks can fly farther than flames. Keeping a good distance will help ensure the sparks cannot ignite combustible objects nearby, this includes your fuel. Be sure that you have good distance between your fire pit and log rack. You want to be sure your wood is ignited in your fire pit, not outside it. Keep your wood within walking distance for ease, but outside the 7-foot radius.


Each area of location concern discussed above has safety in mind. The 7-foot radius rule helps ensure safety of unwanted fires due to stray embers on ignitable surfaces nearby, as well as space around the fire pit allowing for room for guests to enjoy the warmth of the fire pit with the ease of moving freely away from possible smoke, or to visit with other guests.

One last safety measure to consider for the location of your Fire Pit Art® fire pit is the surface in which it stands on. Use a safe fire pit surface to help decrease the fire hazards associated with poor location. Safe surfaces generally are constructed of gravel, stone or concrete. Fire resistant composite material is the best surface location, as wood and other ignitable surfaces carry serious fire hazards.

At Fire Pit Art® we offer fire pits with versatility and portability options that can be used in varying locations. Whether it be your work, your home, or at the beach, Fire Pit Art® gives options to satisfy the desire of a warm gathering point for all locations. If you don’t see the exact design you are looking for contact us today to inquire about our high quality handcrafted custom fire pit options at https://www.firepitart.com/custom-work-call-for-custom-quote/.