Meditating With The Flames

Namaste. Translated and Defined in the English dictionary as “I bow to you.” ‘Namaste’ is an admired and respected Indian culture greeting from one individual to another. Our founders, Rick and Donna Wittrig, have both shared an appreciation for the art of transcendental meditation. This silent mantra-based practice was developed in the mid-1950s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the heart of India. Today over seven million people, varying in ages, cultures, and religions, learn and practice Transcendental Meditation daily. Actress Cameron Diaz has become an advocate for involvement with Transcendental Meditation practices. With two sessions daily for twenty minutes intervals, you can achieve a peaceful inward state of awareness.

Rick and Donna have the utmost admiration of the purpose of this meditation to drive out stress and while increasing creativity and productivity. Out of their personal belief that each person obtains their divine spark, and through their love of meditation, Namaste fire pit was born.

Transcendental Meditation is a spiritual experience with your inner spirit, providing relaxation, happiness, and stress reduction to all who partake. Namaste fire pit has been uniquely created in the hands of Rick Wittrig, as a peaceful reminder that each person has a belonging on this Earth, and to each other, for a higher purpose. As friends gather around your Namaste fire pit, each person can relax and be reminded of how special we all are in this world, bringing unity around the flame Namaste provides.

Crafted with hand-carved thick mild carbon steel, and finished with Iron Oxide, Namaste provides sincere durability and warmth. Mild carbon steel radiates the heat of the flame, which significantly increases the heat factor of your fire. Available in various fuel types, Namaste is a flexible choice for any consumer.

Following the yoga aesthetic of this design, hand-carved in the sides of this fire pit, you will find the lotus flower. This flower represents the heart, as it unfolds at the center of the chest. Lotus flowers are known to open and contract, as the light around it ebbs and flows. The Lotus can remind us that our spiritual heart may be awakened with the practices of yoga and Transcendental Meditation.

Another inspiring practice is Maritime Yoga. Maritime, or beachfront, yoga is a natural meditation experience that begins with the harmonious sound of the ocean waves. Your body receives the double benefit of physical and spiritual enhancement by listening to the environment that surrounds you.

Beach yoga forces your muscles to engage at a higher intensity. Balancing on the sand takes extra concentration and strength, which improves your posture and strengthens your joints. The outdoor workout also benefits your body through the absorption of natural vitamin D and increase of serotonin in your body. Allow Fire Pit Art® to be apart of lifting your mood and increasing your health through a unique yoga experience.

Fire Pit Art® has designed a Tropical Moon fire pit that can become another uplifting addition to your meditation segments. A design created with the intent of reminding us of the peaceful nights on the oceanfront, Tropical Moon fire pit can be utilized at your beachfront yoga sessions to help keep the tone of maritime yoga and the inner peace it brings.

As the flames dance through the carved moon and palm trees on the fire pit, you and your guests can breathe with the ebb and flow of the fire, and release your stress into the salty seaside air.

Tropical Moon, like Namaste, is finished with iron oxide patina, which creates a maintenance-free fire pit, free to leave outdoors in any conditions. The inner bowl contains a 1.5” diameter rain drain, giving you peace of mind when the ocean-side skies may roar.

We are fostering together relationships to inspire others to come together and enjoy in peaceful fellowship. Please inquire about our transcendental fire pits on our website at Namaste and Tropical Moon.