Do Some Fire Pits Produce More Heat Than Others?

It’s October, and we are beginning to welcome brisk evenings once again. While you relax outdoors with friends and family this season, attempting to keep everyone warm without a blazing six-foot flame can be tricky.

At Fire Pit Art® our steel fire pits, like a wood stove, radiate heat evenly, including by your feet. The reasoning is in the reflective steel that causes the heat to reflect and radiate at a greater heat production. Steel fire pits will also continue to radiate the absorbed heat even after the wood has finished burning.

Steel fire pits carry other benefits including aesthetics, and easy maintenance. Fire Pit Art® steel fire pits are hand crafted with modern and unique aesthetics in mind. Built perfectly for the modern patio, deck, garden, or commercial property, our steel fire pits are a hot topic of discussion for your guests, as well as enhancing their experience.

Maintenance for typical steel fire pits includes simply removing the ashes after a fire and spraying with a hose or soap and water solution between fires. However, Fire Pit Art® fire pits are truly maintenance free and can be left outdoors year-round, and includes a rain drain in the bottom basin. Steel fire pits prove to be a popular choice due to its easy maintenance, durability, and diverse design options.

The many steel fire pit designs at Fire Pit Art® can be purchased in several sizes, custom designs, as well as steel accessories. Fire Pit Art® steel fire pits are corrosion and rust resistant, adding longevity to your purchase, and considered virtually indestructible by artist Rick Wittrig. Included with your purchase is a 100 Year Guarantee on materials and craftsmanship.

Bella Vita

The Bella Vita steel fire pit is a low profile and regal designed piece created to hold enough wood for extended hours of burning. Handcrafted with American made 304 stainless steel, this functional steel sculpture is available in four sizes including 34 inches, 46 inches, 58.5 inches, and 70 inches.

Crystal Tower

The Crystal Tower is a uniquely designed firepit with a push button ignition and stainless-steel burner. Standing tall at 28 inches or 42 inches, per patrons’ choice respectively, this fire tower has a modern Olympian appearance sure to impress family and friends.

Fire Surfer

Designed with the remembrance of fireside memories at the shores with loved ones, the Fire Surfer is handcrafted with eleven-gauge steel allowing the portability needed to bring your fire pit along to your favorite waterfront.

In addition to our stainless-steel fire pit options, Fire Pit Art® creates stainless steel log racks, tabletops, and marshmallow roasting art pieces to complete your stainless-steel fire set. Explore all our steel fire pit options at